Modern terrace design: an elegant outdoor living room

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This terrace impresses with a fantastic view of Lake Zurich. The modern terrace design allows the view of the lake and the surroundings and still has a lot of privacy under the open sky.

Pictures during execution

Airy and modern terrace design

The structured terrace offers harmonious details and a wonderful view of the lake. In the open and covered part of the terrace, the uniform materialization of wood is smoothly connected. The modern wooden deck is pre-greyed and therefore retains a uniform color despite weathering in both the open and covered parts of the terrace.

In the front part of the terrace, a solitary maple sets a space-creating accent while delicate grasses in long, narrow planters are used in the narrow aisle as a natural privacy screen while exuding an airy atmosphere. On the glass front, there are planters that can be planted seasonally, thus ensuring constant variety and new highlights on the terrace.

Picture gallery of the realized terrace redesign

Facts and Figures

Planting in the garden

Planting of delicate grasses provides an airy and natural privacy screen. Deliberately chosen plantings in individual planters provide stylish accents and seasonal splashes of color. In the front corners of the terrace, borders with low-growing shrubs and grasses provide a flowing transition between the terrace and the lake and emphasize the closeness to nature.

Garden planting list

  • Japanese fan maple
  • Shrub pine
  • Lampbush Grass
  • Spring crocus
  • Daffodils
  • Grape hyacinth
  • and much more.

Garden planning

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