Gemütliche Terrasse über den Dächern der Stadt

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High above the rooftops of the city, this new build extends with an inviting terrace. The different materials blend together harmoniously and create a coherent overall picture. The design has created a cozy oasis of well-being with numerous seating areas.

Gemütliche Terrasse über den Dächern der Stadt Gemütliche Terrasse über den Dächern der Stadt

The interior design on the modern terrace

Three solitary trees were placed to counteract the sunlight. Their canopy of leaves creates a sheltered environment without compromising the openness of the terrace. As a result, the terrace remains open and the trees spread out like a protective blanket overhead. The deciduous leaves of the swamp oak (Quercus palustris) provide pleasant shade, which is why the seating was placed directly underneath. In gentle breezes, the leaves move in the wind and allow the mind and soul to rest.

Lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus) was chosen for planting under the trees. The plant exudes a pleasant fragrance and is easy to care for. It also brings a further green contrast to the oasis of well-being and creates a flowing transition to the trees above. The custom-made troughs echo the shape of the patio.

A roof made of leaves

Interaction of different materials

Upon entering the feel-good oasis, the calm composition of different materials immediately catches the eye. One area of the patio is laid with natural stone slabs made from Rhine quartzite, with wildly shaped slabs deliberately chosen. The fact that no two slabs are the same gives the small oasis more character without sacrificing elegance. At the same time, an interesting pattern is created.

Although the space on a patio is limited, it is important to create structures in the design. This can be seen very clearly on this terrace with the different floor coverings. Gravel areas were laid alongside the natural stone. Its texture loosens up the atmosphere and helps to separate individual sections from one another. 

Easy-care and modern patio design

Terraces in particular receive many hours of sunshine. It is therefore very important to provide the plants with sufficient water. Our partner GardenTec has installed an irrigation system for the planters. This ensures that the solitary trees and the respective underplanting are always sufficiently supplied with water and can continue to bloom and grow. This gives the family more time to relax and enjoy time together.

The result is a cozy and low-maintenance terrace with numerous seating and relaxation options.

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