terrace design for an outdoor living room

Whether large or small: Basically, every terrace can be turned into a relaxing retreat. With a well thought-out terrace design, you extend your living space outside and create an individual outdoor living room. Taking into account your personal wishes and needs, we will transform your terrace into a real oasis of well-being.

However, some points must be considered in the design of the terrace. For example, the payload of the terrace plays an important role. This has an influence on the use of materials and on the planting. At the same time, precipitation and solar radiation due to the exposed location must be taken into account in the planning. Taking into account all the important criteria, your living room is created in the open air, inviting you to spend leisurely hours away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our finished terrace projects

Get inspired in our gallery of design examples or visit our show garden of the garden villa. On site you can compare the different materials and get advice on the technology and planting for your terrace.

Procedure of your terrace design


Your wishes and needs are at the center. Together with our expertise, we find exactly the design that combines function and aesthetics. Our cooperation starts with the first conversation and we accompany you from here until the completion of your terrace.

Planning concept

We will show you different possibilities of how your finished terrace could look like. During the planning stage, further adjustments can be made to ensure that the patio design is exactly what you want. In this step we also choose the planting for your outdoor living room.


Our team ensures that the remodeling is implemented exactly as we planned it together. With an eye for detail and experienced foremen, your dream terrace is created step by step.


Equipment options

Here you can find more ways to complete your terrace. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


With a deliberately chosen planting, the terrace becomes a natural retreat under the open sky. Plants provide the natural look and at the same time offer pleasant shade in exposed locations. Perfectly placed plants in stylish planters also provide versatile accents. But plants are also perfect as natural privacy screens or for optimal room division. For terraces with a beautiful view, an individual planting concept ensures beautiful visual relationships and incorporates the surroundings.

Privacy screen

Privacy plays an important role in any outdoor area. On terraces, space is often limited. At the same time, there are various space-saving solutions that prevent the view of the terrace. Wood is a very popular material, which can be used in very different ways. The natural look is very popular and at the same time space-saving. High vessels, depending on the planting, screen a little more discreetly and at the same time are a design element in the outdoor space. If there is enough space, custom-made troughs with lush planting can be placed on the terrace as a privacy screen.

Equipment: decoration & furniture of the terrace

The choice of suitable furniture is an important factor in the design of the cozy and modern terrace. Taking into account personal needs, a functional dining area or a cozy lounge as a place of retreat is created - or both, depending on the space available. With decorative objects such as planters, figurines and sculptures, cushions, fire bowls or candles, additional accents are set.

Terrace design with water

Water has an attractive and relaxing effect - also on the terrace. The element of water adds liveliness to the terrace and becomes an exciting center of attraction. At the same time, the gentle splashing fades out street noise or noise from neighbors. Provided that the payload allows it, fountains and water features are also suitable for terraces. As an alternative to a heavy fountain, an attractive water feature can be used to integrate the element of water into the patio design. Depending on the structure and subsoil of the terrace, the element of water can find its way into the design in different ways.

Automatic irrigation on the terrace

An automatic watering system takes care of the optimal water supply of the plants and leaves more time to enjoy the terrace as a recreational oasis. Modern and well-hidden irrigation solutions take into account the different needs of plants and do the job fully automatically. Such irrigation systems can be ideally integrated into the planning of the terrace design.

Our partner GardenTec GmbH is a specialist for technology in gardens and on terraces. In the interview with the managing director of GardenTec you can learn more about the irrigation solutions for terraces.

Terrace lighting

With a well thought-out lighting concept, dark niches on the terrace are illuminated and attractive highlights are emphasized. At the same time, the lighting creates harmonious coziness in the outdoor room, while the lights of the surroundings and neighboring houses automatically fade into the background.

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