Before Next: The potential in gardens and on terraces

In every garden, no matter how small, lies dormant a lot of potential. It is not always easy to imagine what can be done with the area. A professional redesign of the terrace or garden makes the entire outdoor area optimally usable. The focus is on your needs. 

Various elements can be planned for more privacy. However, privacy is not the only important factor here. Acoustic water elements make ambient noise recede into the background. A small water feature can provide additional relaxation. 

Designing space in the open air is a special task in terrace and gardening. Planting probably plays the most important role here. Visual relationships, eye-catchers and the overall concept make a decisive contribution to the atmosphere in the outdoor living room. 

Here you will find different gardens, terraces and individual elements in before - after comparison. Get inspired and discover the possibilities of outdoor space design.

Before - after: what we have made of the most diverse gardens and terraces

Garden with pergola & fountain

Garden redesign with water feature Garden redesign with water feature

From the large lawn area to a structured garden: a pergola was installed here as well as a fountain with a cozy lounge. The garden is completed with playful planting.

Modern overflow pool

Overflow pool harmoniously blends into the garden and provides elegance.

The aging swimming pond was replaced with a Living Pool with overflow pool. The water surface is flush with the surroundings. This makes the garden look more open and the area has become more usable.

A small garden with pool

Swimming pool in small garden Swimming pool in small garden

Where the lawn dominated before, there is now a swimming pool with a wooden bench. Complemented by a pergola, the garden looks even more modern. In the shade of the pergola, even the hottest summer days can be enjoyed by the water.

Overflow pool with wooden deck

Overflow pool with Living Pool technology

Here, too, was previously dominated by a large lawn. The chemical-free Living Pool blends in perfectly with the surroundings. Instead of the large fir tree, there is now a pergola at the end of the garden. This makes the entire length of the garden usable.

From chlorine pool to natural pool

From chlorine pool to chemical-free living pool From chlorine pool to chemical-free living pool

The foil of the pool came off in the corners. The murky water was uninviting, so the customer decided to renovate it. The new Living Pool is cleaned without chemicals. The wall was covered with wood.

A terrace on the canopy

A quiet retreat has been created on this terrace with a seating area.

Above the garage canopy was hardly used. The panels were merely a pathway to the higher level. With the new design, a cozy lounge area with plenty of privacy and lush planting has been created here.

Terraced slope

This bath garden captivates with its planting and appropriate atmosphere. Planting and pool give this bathing garden a southern flair.

A Mediterranean garden through and through. The materials used for the terracing give the garden a special flair. The wall made it possible to use a lot of space. The highlight is of course the pool.

Swimming pool & fountain

Before the emergence of a retreat in the midst of mountains. Through the swimming pool and fountain, the builder finds relaxation and tranquility.

This garden is a real highlight in summer and autumn. With the reconstruction of the house and the new extension, the garden was also redesigned. The view of the mountains remains free and at the same time more privacy was created.

Stairs to the bathing area

Before the redesign, this garden lost its charm in the fall. This garden on two levels impresses with a fountain and a swimming pond.

The terracing was overcome with a wonderful staircase. Surrounded by lush grasses, this is a design highlight in itself. At the end of the stairs opens a natural bathing paradise.

Pool in small garden

This charming garden received a living pool as an addition. As soon as the sunlight hits the water of the Living Pool, the whole garden shines.

Even if there is seemingly not much space, almost all ideas and wishes can be implemented. Placing the pool at the edge of the garden created a swimming area. The planting loosens up everything.

Natural bathing garden

A natural pool was the perfect addition to the green paradise Chemical free swimming pool from egli jona ag

The desire for a natural bathing garden could be fulfilled by the chemical-free Living Pool. The lush planting surrounds the pool, while the trellis trees on the side provide privacy and a modern touch.

Retreat with fountain

With the help of the fountain can enjoy a sunny afternoon on the seat. The interplay between fountain and planting makes a homely atmosphere at this seating area.

The garden before had little structure. Here, the placement of individual trees as well as curved planting created a small paradise with a great sense of space. 

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