Gentle splashing: a garden with many facets and a fountain

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This garden is one of the 50 most beautiful private gardens from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was awarded the "Gardens of the Year 2022" award by Callwey Verlag. 

The outdoor living room impresses with its overall concept: cozy, modern and yet dreamy. The different areas flow into each other like the fountain and yet they stand for themselves.

The garden before and after the redesign

With the garden redesign, the atmosphere of the garden became more playful and romantic. Magical hours are guaranteed with this garden with fountain.

Magical attraction of the well

Entering the garden, the maple tree immediately catches the eye. Surrounded by fragrant lavender, which is visited by many bees, bumblebees and butterflies, stands a striking wooden table and chairs, whose patterning reflects the branches of the solitary trees. The maple forms a canopy of leaves over the seating area, making the seating area feel dreamily inviting. The result is a space entirely without walls.

Magically attracted by this seating area, the next highlight opens up around the corner: in the center of the dining area is a fountain with three water spouts. The water is reflected in the trunks of the solitary trees next to the water feature. No matter where you are in the garden: The fountain is not only visually but also acoustically the center of this outdoor living room.

Gentle splashing with which the surroundings fade into oblivion

What has changed in the garden

Even before that, the element of water was very present. The pond and the embankment made the garden very narrow. The redesign created a lot of space and privacy. The garden opens up around the kitchen and the living room. After the redesign, the outdoor space matches the interior. The boundaries are fluid and the lighting further expands the interior space in the evening. 

A garden for every season

In late summer and fall, autumn anemones awaken throughout the garden and even dare to climb up between the gargoyles. Arriving at the fountain, you are now in the dining area of the garden, which is further protected by a pergola. The dining area is directly accessible from the kitchen and is used whenever possible. Next to the stairs there is also a small herb bed, which is used with pleasure.

Nestled in a beautiful natural stone wall, hours fly by in this lounge. A book in hand and the gentle splashing of the fountain in the background: here the stressful everyday life can be quickly forgotten. If you follow the stairs up, the view sweeps over the garden with its many individual highlights.

In summer the garden is surrounded by lavender

In autumn the anemones and the trees make their grand entrance

A lighting concept for a unique atmosphere

A very special highlight is the light that was used in the garden. Fountains, paths, walls and trees are illuminated even after the sun hours and create a very special ambience. The treetops glow and make the surroundings fade even more into the background. A real paradise by day and by night and at any time of the year. You can find out more about the possibilities of garden lighting from our partner GardenTec.

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