From chlorine pool to natural pool: modernization with the help of pool renovation

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Old becomes new: The owners of this detached house already had a swimming pool. However, it was cleaned using chlorine. As this no longer met the family's expectations and wishes, it was time for a renovation. Our team created a sustainable and chemical-free swimming paradise for the whole family.

Pool renovation explained from A to Z

A pool is brought back up to the state of the art with the help of a refurbishment or retrofit. There are many different ways to modernize the pool. On the one hand, the waterproofing can be changed, and on the other, the technology can be modernized. For example, our client wanted to transform their chlorine pool into a chemical-free swimming paradise. 

In this project, the pool and the technology were replaced.

Swimming in the mountain lake with Living Pool technology

Visually, there is no difference between a conventional pool and the Living Pool. Only the innovative filter system makes the difference: the vital phosphate is removed from the algae, preventing them from surviving in the water. This keeps the water crystal clear. Another major advantage of chemical-free cleaning is that it is gentle on the skin and eyes. Unlike conventional pools, there is no irritation after swimming. This also eliminates the need to shower off.

During the refurbishment

Chemical-free bathing paradise

Wood for a cozy atmosphere

During the pool renovation, the wooden deck was removed so that the work could be carried out. Once the pool renovation was complete, it was reinstalled. Since then, it has served as a cozy lounging area right by the water and creates a homely atmosphere in the garden. This is further enhanced by the newly installed wooden walls. The result is a great contrast between the blue water and the warm wood.

Following this modernization, our customers can now enjoy their pool to the full. The children splash around carefree in the water, while the warm wooden deck offers plenty of space for parents to read a good book in the sun.

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