Superstructure Lag Pign: Bathing lake in Laax

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In the new Lag Pign development, beautiful MAISSEN houses and apartments including underground parking - a real MAISSEN village - have been created. The arrangement of the buildings leaves a large area open in the center between the houses, beautifully embedded in a hollow. In this area a natural pond was created, which also serves as a bathing lake. This bathing pond enhances not only the residential attractiveness for the new settlement but also the local landscape noticeably. The new lake is of great ecological importance, especially during the construction of the development.

Facts & Figures about the conversion of the swimming pond

Construction time: approx. 10 months
Completion: 2016
Team: 3-5 people


willow | pine | snowball | red beech | hazel | various water plants and much more.


Pond technology | Gravel | Bollen stones | Granti slabs and cuboids | Wood

Pictures from the construction of the swimming pond

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