Dream garden with biodesign pool

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This terrace house garden in the Linth area exudes an incomparable Mediterranean feeling after the redesign. After the redesign, two areas have been created on the property that extend the living room to the outdoors. While the newly built biodesign pool provides bathing fun, the spacious terrace area is ideal for lingering.

The garden during and after the transformation

The Swiss SPA pool is still under construction here. The Swiss SPA pool brings the Mediterranean feeling to the garden.

Open air dining and living room

The harmoniously designed retreat includes a generous dining area, which offers space for family and friends with a large table as well as a raised bar table directly by the pool. The existing pergola provides pleasant shade and was considered in the design to blend in with the patio area. Light-colored natural stone slabs as well as a matching gravel surface, which also picks up the shape of the pool in the terrace area, provide a subtle Mediterranean ambience. The deliberately placed plants in simple containers provide accents in the lounging area. A fire bowl in the corner provides a cozy atmosphere even after sunset.

Beach feeling in your own garden

In the lounge and bathing area, the newly built biodesign pool is at the center of the garden transformation and exudes an incomparable ambience. The unique design offers a completely new bathing experience for the whole family. The Biodesign pool is designed individually and according to one's own preferences and transforms the garden into a personal wellness oasis. Due to the individual design, this Biodesign pool is also a unique piece. Thanks to this design freedom, the pool could be built on the outermost edge of the plot, which gives the garden more depth and makes optimal use of the space.

This pool has integrated shallow water zones with massage jets, which are ideal for relaxation in the refreshing water. At the same time, the deep water zone provides bathing fun, while the water feature is also a central element of the garden acoustically. At the end of the pool, a decorative privacy screen made of imperishable stainless steel keeps unwanted glances away. The beach feeling also continues in the spacious lounge area at the water's edge: stylish garden furniture and light-colored floor tiles emphasize the Mediterranean character of this dream garden. After the redesign, this garden is a real open-air living room.

Decorative elements for the right ambience

Mediterranean garden planting

The Mediterranean ambience of the terrace garden is additionally emphasized by individual planters with grasses, specimen shrubs and palms without overloading the garden. The decorative planters also create interesting eye-catchers.

The already existing planting was enhanced with individual plants by the owners.

Pictures during execution

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