Terrace with privacy screen

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Small change, big effect

Whether large or small, in principle, any terrace can be turned into a relaxing retreat. Even in smaller spaces, there are versatile design options as well as a countless selection of plants. The existing space should be used as sensibly as possible without appearing cluttered. In addition, there are many different means to build a privacy screen, such as the wood used here. An optimal privacy screen provides the desired privacy on the terrace. In addition, depending on the sunlight and location, a privacy screen can also be perfect for shading. 

Before and after the redesign

This terrace received a matching privacy screen during the redesign. The natural materials and planting soften the atmosphere of the terrace.

Privacy screen & shade: all in one

Attic terraces are often very exposed. Due to the sun's rays, it can get very hot on the terrace, especially now in the summer, which is why sun protection is an advantage. This should definitely be considered in the planning. In this terrace redesign, the focus was precisely on the topic of sun protection as well as privacy.

To make the most of the space, a wooden dining area was built in the terrace corner. The bench invites you to have a cozy dinner or even to end the day in peace. The very best thing about it is that the wooden bench is perfectly suitable as a privacy screen as well as a sunshade at the same time. So you can benefit twice. The high wooden walls perfectly shade the terrace, so that the summer can be enjoyed despite a lot of sun.

Image gallery after design

Planting on the terrace

Plants bring life to the outdoor living room. Many different species of woody plants also thrive in larger containers. Our partner Amadeo Ambiente offers countless different planters. Different troughs were also used in this parapet terrace to create new visual relationships and a sense of space. The wood of the bench also extends around the maple and elegantly closes off the dining area. On the previously empty house wall, there is now a trough with lavender, which is currently blooming beautifully and attracting bees, bumblebees and butterflies. The lavender runs through the terrace, providing soft lines and lots of color. Thanks to the colorful maple and lavender, the terrace is transformed into a permanent oasis of well-being.

Terrace planting list

  • Acer palmatum 'Tamukeyama'
  • Acer palmatum 'Red Autumn Lace
  • Malus (cultivated apple, espalier form)
  • Osmanthus x burkwoodii
  • Vaccinium BrazelBerry 'Berry Bux'
  • Echinacea purpurea 'Mistral'
  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote Blue'
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny'
  • Fragaria vesca var. vesca
  • Melissa officinalis
  • Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'
  • Salvia officinalis
  • Thymus vulgaris
  • Allium nigrum

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