An idyllic little garden with fountain

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This clear garden bordered on a steep slope. From year to year the ground slid a little further and the area became smaller and smaller. A retaining wall at the edge of the property has allowed a significant enlargement of the outdoor area. Where previously there was a seating area right at the edge of the garden, there is now a generous lawn area with a winter garden and fountain. A low-maintenance planting strip gently frames the property and accompanies visitors throughout the garden.

A video portrait of the garden design

A fountain as a central design element

The clientele wanted a Mediterranean ambience with the element of water. After the redesign, the garden was to be inviting and homely, which was achieved not only by the new winter garden, but also by the planting and the choice of materials. With the chosen natural stone, which was used for the wall, the fountain as well as the small pedestals in front of the house entrance, the desired Mediterranean flair was created. The fountain at the end of the lawn gives the garden depth and forms the center of the garden. Embedded in shrubs and perennials, the gentle splashing is not only a visual but also an acoustic highlight. Thanks to the shrubs set behind it, the surroundings fade into the background quite unnoticed.

Low maintenance planting for relaxation

It is the planting that creates a sense of space in the open air. The enclosure of the garden appears fluid due to the shrubs and perennials of different heights. The contrast between the clear trunks of the specimen trees, the lush Osmanthus burkwoodii balls, and the wild shrubs by the fountain creates exciting visual relationships. The pink summer lilies and the hydrangeas, which bloom white in the summer, add color to the garden. The laid sod, which is maintained by a robotic mower, is already firmly rooted to the ground. The lawn opens up the garden and visually enlarges the area.

Garden planting list

  • Forest Ivy
  • Geissblatt
  • Garden hydrangea
  • Spring fragrance flower
  • Persian beech
  • Oak tree
  • Glossy medlar
  • Portuguese cherry laurel
  • Summerspruce
  • Green column disc
  • Yellow variegated Japan sedge
  • Switchgrass
  • Feather Bristle Grass

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