Im Schatten der Bäume: Eine Gartenoase mit Brunnen

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The garden in an idyllic location had already undergone a transformation. However, this did not yet meet the wishes and expectations of the customers. The garden was therefore extended with levels, materials and plants to create a harmonious overall picture.

The garden during and after design

Durch die Gartengestaltung eröffnet sich hinter dem Haus eine üppige Oase. Durch die Gartengestaltung eröffnet sich hinter dem Haus eine üppige Oase.

Mystical atmosphere under the trees

As you walk through the garden, the first thing you notice is the large number of trees, which were already an important part of the outdoor space and were therefore integrated into the garden redesign. In order to allow them to contribute harmoniously to the new sense of space, some trees were removed from their previous positions and relocated.

The solitary trees play a central role in this redesign. The chosen placement creates a new sense of space and exciting visual relationships. Entering the garden immediately conveys a sense of calm. The high treetops cover the various areas of the outdoor living room like a protective blanket. The redesign creates the impression of immersing yourself in a small forest.

Emphasis on height

Flowering grasses and colorful accents

The lush green planting in the garden is particularly striking. Grasses have already been planted in front of the house, creating a relaxed atmosphere. It also conveys the feeling that there must be much more to the rear of the garden. A narrow path to the right of the house leads to the rear and opens up the view of the green oasis. 

In the fall, the golden to beige tones of the feather bristle grass dominate, while the pink and purple flowers of the purple coneflower and lavender stand out in the summer. The colorful accents enliven the garden and create highlights. The lavender also exudes a pleasant fragrance in the outdoor area.

A relaxed ambience with plants

Interplay of geometric shapes and curved lines in the garden

Natural materials were used throughout the garden redesign. The wooden deck extends over a large part of the outdoor space and emphasizes the homely feel. There is a cozy lounge directly under the trees by the fountain, which is shaded and invites you to relax even on hot summer days.

The dining area is located on the level above and above the fountain. Right next to it is a fire bowl for barbecues with friends and family. The difference in height gives the garden additional structure and makes it appear larger.

The straight lines of the wooden deck are broken up by the planting. Between the lush planting there are stepping stones, which also break up the overall picture. 

Thanks to the individual garden landscaping, the owners now enjoy their own little forest on their doorstep. The lush planting and the protective cover of the many trees contribute to a sense of balance after work.

Other key data for garden design


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Garden planting list

  • Taxus cuspidata (Japanese yew)
  • Echinacea purpurea 'Rubinstern' (purple coneflower)
  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote Blue' (Lavender)
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' (feather bristle grass / lamp cleaner grass)
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny' (feather bristle grass / lamp cleaner grass)
  • Thymus serpyllum 'Coccineus' (field thyme)

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