Counter-current system: Training Week in the garden villa

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Swimming pools can be customized in many different ways. Whether massage jets, shallow water zones or chemical-free cleaning - the possibilities are endless. A counter-current system brings sport and fun into your garden. The technology allows you to do your own workout right on your doorstep.

In this article, we show you how a counter-current system works and the various benefits it offers.

Training Week: Testing the system in the show garden

The counter-current system is a great investment for your own garden. However, many people want to see the technology for themselves before they buy. That is why we are offering a Training Week in our show garden, the Garden Villa. From June 11 to 15, 2024 and from August 20 to 24, 2024, you can experience the system up close. You can test the equipment yourself for 40 minutes. We will advise you on the entire topic free of charge and without obligation. Book your appointment online:

How does a counter-current system work?

The system is available in two variations. For example, it can be permanently installed during pool construction or a mobile solution can be installed for an existing swimming pool. The advantage of permanently installed technology is that it is concealed. This saves space and the aesthetics remain the same. The resistance level is conveniently controlled using an app. This allows you to personalize your workout and adapt it to your individual needs. The generated water flow feels natural and there are no wild water splashes and waves. The surface remains calm, allowing the family next door to relax carefree.

The mobile counter-current system, on the other hand, does not require any earthworks during installation. Thanks to its weather-resistant materials, it does not need to be dismantled even in winter. This means that even existing pools can be converted into a sports pool. The Living Pool technology can also be incorporated into the equipment. This makes it possible to improve the sports experience even further. The technology enables chemical-free cleaning of the water. Swimming feels like swimming in a lake and there is no need to shower off after training.

The advantages at a glance

The advantages of a counter-current system are manifold. We have summarized the most important ones for you here:

  • Fitness: Swimming is one of the most popular sports and is easy on the joints.
  • Individual training: The resistance level can be conveniently controlled via app and allows you to personalize your own training plan.
  • Convenience: swimming training can be done right on your doorstep, without the hassle of driving through the city.
  • Versatility: In addition to relaxation, individual training in the swimming pool is also possible.
  • Space-saving: the counter-current system does not reduce the size of the pool, but the technology is placed outside. Once training is complete, the entire pool can be used for playing and relaxing.
  • Chemical-free: In combination with a chemical-free Living Pool, the bathing experience becomes even healthier and more sustainable. The water is gentle on the skin and eyes and feels like a mountain lake.

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