Garden redesign with natural pool

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This single-family garden with natural pool looks much more spacious after the redesign and offers relaxing hours by the pool or on the cozy seating areas. Stone slab decking around the pool and a gravel area with tread slabs on the other side of the garden create a warm and at the same time lively ambience. The deliberately simple planting has created a low-maintenance garden.

A pool completely without chemicals

The naturally cleaned swimming pool with Living Pool technology in the open outdoor area is the focal point of the garden. Completely without chlorine, this pool provides natural bathing fun. The covered seating area close to the water offers an incomparable feeling. The wooden pool surround emphasizes the natural element of water, while stone slab decking with brownish inclusions creates a warm yet vibrant ambiance.

On the other side of the garden, a cozy lounging area has been created in a secluded alcove. The gravel surface with natural stone treads provides natural liveliness. A beautiful privacy screen is provided by the evergreen hedge, which is broken up by umbrella-shaped woody plants with flowery underplanting. The calm garden design with few elements makes the garden look much larger.

Image gallery of the realized garden redesign

Facts and Figures

Planting in the garden

Due to the deliberately simple planting, this garden is low-maintenance and uncluttered, but still allows for beautiful combinations throughout the year. Especially space-saving is the evergreen hedge, which is supported by a climbing construction. Umbrella-shaped woody plants with flowery underplanting loosen up the natural privacy screen and provide attractive eye-catchers.

Garden planting list

  • Fan maple
  • Flowering dogwood
  • Ironwood tree
  • Portuguese cherry laurel
  • Garden hydrangea
  • Prachtspiere
  • Pampas grass
  • Christmas rose
  • Funkie
  • Lavender
  • Foam Blossom
  • Snow White Hainsimse 
  • and much more.

Garden planning

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