Naturpool vs. Chlor-Pool: Wir erklären den Unterschied

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What if we told you that the choice of pool is not limited to a chlorinated version or a swimming pond? When we talk about our natural pools, we mean visually classic pools that are cleaned naturally instead of using chemicals.

In this gardening tip, we present the most important aspects to consider when choosing between a chlorine pool and a natural pool.

Conventional swimming pools: Water treatment with chemical agents

Conventional swimming pools involve cleaning and disinfecting the water using chemical agents. Unlike swimming ponds, planting is not possible here.

The best-known method of water treatment is the use of chlorine. It kills bacteria, viruses and algae and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the pool. To keep the water clean and clear, the chlorine concentration in the pool must be monitored regularly.

An alternative option is the use of active oxygen, which uses compounds such as hydrogen peroxide or peroxide compounds. These oxidizing agents break down organic impurities and germs in the water. 

Salt electrolysis is also a chemical treatment method. Salt (sodium chloride) is added to the pool water. It is electrolyzed in a special cell, producing chlorine and other active oxygen compounds. This kills bacteria, viruses and algae, thus disinfecting and purifying the pool water. Salt electrolysis is often wrongly interpreted as natural water treatment due to its name. In an exciting guest article, Biotop explains why a salt water pool is not chemical-free.

Care instructions for conventional swimming pools

The pH value of the water must be measured and checked at least once a week. An ideal value is between 7.0 and 7.4. To keep the water quality constant, chlorine, ph-minus or other care products must be added to the water regularly and in the correct quantity. The enrichments are always in proportion to the size of the pool. Dirt and deposits are removed using dirt traps, brushes or pool robots. Corners and edges are cleaned by hand. Contamination can be significantly reduced with the help of a pool cover. In addition, measuring devices, probes, computers and dosing systems can simplify manual maintenance and control.

Natural pools: Swimming without chemicals

Water treatment in natural pools is based on the swimming pond concept. No chemicals are used in the treatment process, making the water particularly gentle on the skin and eyes. So every swim feels like swimming in a mountain lake.

Anyone who thinks of natural or organic pools as a swimming pond with aquatic animals and plants is a little off the mark. Visually, the natural pool is no different from a conventional pool. A planted regeneration zone is therefore no longer necessary. The only big difference is the filter system.

How natural water purification works in natural pools

Our natural pools are equipped with Living Pool technology. The innovative filter system ensures carefree bathing pleasure. The biofilter is usually concealed beneath an elegant sun deck. This uses a small, energy-efficient pump to direct the pool water into the phosphate filter, where the phosphate is almost completely removed from the water. This removal means that algae can no longer survive in the water. The crystal-clear water then flows back into the bathing area.

Although the purchase of the biofilter is more expensive than the other systems, the investment is quickly amortized. The reason for this is that neither chemicals nor regular water changes are necessary.

The advantages of the natural pool

  • 100% chemical-free
  • No acids or chemicals that need to be purchased and added regularly
  • The simple technology is placed next to the pool, no additional space required for complex technical installations
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternative to chlorine pools
  • Natural, crystal-clear water that is gentle on the skin and eyes
  • uvm.

Your pool construction expert

Choosing the right pool filter system is not always easy. Our pool construction expert Daniel Egli has been advising our customers in this area for years and will be happy to show you all the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation. Now nothing stands in the way of cool refreshment in your own swimming paradise.

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