Gartentipp: Mediterraner Garten – Ein Hauch vom Süden in Ihrem Zuhause

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Summer is approaching and temperatures are rising steadily. As the planning for the next summer vacation begins, the vacations don't have to be limited to a few weeks. By creating a Mediterranean garden, the vacation can start right on your doorstep.

In this gardening tip, we show you how you can bring a touch of the south into your home.

Bright and warm colors

When choosing materials for your Mediterranean garden, you should opt for light and warm colors. Natural stone is particularly popular and is ideal for decorative walls and steps. Dry stone walls made of sandstone or beige-colored travertine slabs give the garden a Mediterranean flair.

Another popular material is gravel, which creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere in combination with other floor coverings. In addition, seating areas or paths can be clearly demarcated from the rest of the garden, which helps to create a sense of space.

Water as a central element

Fountains and water features are characteristic of many Mediterranean gardens. They set visual accents and help to make the surroundings fade into oblivion. Thanks to their diverse design options, they harmonize perfectly with the surroundings and can also be lined with natural stone.

The Biodesign pool guarantees absolute freedom of design. The shape, equipment and size can be customized for each garden. It also gives the Mediterranean garden a beach feeling like no other pool. The unique design and sandy beach look mean that your vacation literally starts on your doorstep. Water features, geysers, shallow water zones or whirlpool jets can be integrated as desired. The result is your own personal bathing paradise.

For those who prefer a classic rectangular pool shape, the Living Pool in Mediterranean garden style is the perfect choice. The water is treated without chemical additives and is gentle on the skin and eyes. The southern style can be seamlessly implemented in your own garden with a border made of light-colored natural stone.

Intense colors in the planting

Plants from the Mediterranean region are not always suitable for our climate zone. Nevertheless, there are sufficient alternatives or choices. In general, most of them need a lot of sun. Therefore, when placing them, make sure that they are not shaded by other plants, walls or house walls. They must also be protected from the wind, otherwise their beauty will quickly fade.

Lavender in particular is very popular in Mediterranean gardens. It exudes a wonderful fragrance in the oasis of well-being and contributes to relaxation. The Japanese blue vine is suitable for embellishing pergolas and walls. The grape-shaped cascades of flowers stand out and magically attract the eye.

Fragrant herbs for your own garden

In addition to lavender, other plants can also spread an aromatic scent. These include herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano. They are not only visually appealing, but can also be used in your own kitchen and add a sophisticated touch to your food. For added attraction, it is worth planting the herbs in terracotta pots. This has the advantage that weeds grow less and at the same time the warm color also picks up the southern flair.

Die Terrassengestaltung wird durch die verschiedenen Pflanzen dominiert.

The professionals for creating Mediterranean gardens

For years, we have been redesigning gardens and creating individual oases of well-being, including Mediterranean gardens. From the initial consultation to the handover, we accompany you with our expertise and passionately take care of the realization of your dreams. We look forward to getting to know you and your outdoor living space.

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