A garden paradise with overflow pool

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This garden oasis satisfies all needs. The new overflow pool is located in the center of the garden and is perfect for water sports. At the same time, the element of water provides tranquility and naturalness, so the garden is also a perfect retreat for quieter hours. In addition, the lounge and seating area under the trees and shrubs provides coziness with natural soundscape.

The clientele wanted a low-maintenance pool, as they had previously had more to do with a swimming pond. Unlike swimming ponds, natural pools do not require a planted regeneration zone. The swimming pool is still cleaned purely naturally and without chemicals thanks to the Living Pool technology. Newly, the turquoise blue water stands out and captivates the eye.

Privacy is provided by the high hedges, which frame the large outdoor living room in a natural way.

The garden before & after

Overflow pool harmoniously blends into the garden and provides elegance.

Pure elegance thanks to overflow basin

Overflow pool is definitely the big highlight in the garden, because visually it immediately stands out. But why does the pool look so elegant and modern?

The surface of the pool is perfectly flush with the ground, due to this design, the entire surface including the water surface is at the exact same height. The difference from a normal pool: The overflow channel is lower than the pool. The water therefore runs over the back edge of the pool down into the gutter, giving the effect of a frameless pool that harmonizes naturally with its surroundings.

A great side effect while swimming is that the waves don't bounce back at the edge, but simply slosh over the edge of the overflow pool, keeping the water surface calm.

More space in the garden

The entire garden landscape has changed. The swimming pond previously occupied the entire lower level, so the wooden deck directly bordered the water. Space was limited as a result, and the area under the roof was quickly shaded. Now, with the addition of the wooden deck, the area has increased tremendously, making the garden feel much more spacious than before. After cooling off in the house's own living pool, it is possible to relax comfortably on a lounger under the plane tree. The seating area is nicely shaded thanks to the natural foliage - perfect for the warm days. 

Low maintenance planting

The inviting pool lounge invites you to spend leisurely hours, whether for an afternoon reading session or in the company of friends. The lounge is located under a slatted roof that opens and closes automatically. On particularly hot summer days it allows to create a pleasant shady place. Semi-open creates an interesting pattern on the floor. Here the family can sit back, enjoy the peace and admire the magical view over the pool.

Garden planting list

  • Carpinus betulus
  • Hydangea Bobo
  • Pennisetum alo. Little Bunny
  • Pennisetum alo. Hamelin
  • Miscanthus sin. Silver feather
  • Carex morrowii
  • Cordaderia selloana

Creation of the garden

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