Gartengestaltung an Hanglage mit Swimmingpool

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This garden has made it to the top 50 most beautiful gardens in the entire German-speaking world in 2019 and has also won an award and is one of the 6 best properties in 2019!

To the blog: Gardens of the Year Award 2019.

"On a slope, you always want to create as much usable, i.e. flat, area as possible. A slope may seem like a handicap at first. If you manage this skillfully, platforms, terracing and a harmonious pathway, integrated into gentle planting, can create a wonderful overall result," Christian Egli.

The garden during & after the redesign

Die Gartengestaltung besticht durch die luftige Bepflanzung, den Pool und die abendliche Beleuchtung.

Embedding the slope in the garden design

At the start of the garden planning, various parameters were given, such as the house entrance, the intermediate levels and the exit in the lower area. The different areas were then formed and linked together. The choice of planting not only created a unique grass garden. The individual solitary shrubs serve as privacy screens from the uppermost areas. At the same time, they provide eye-catchers and help to create space. 

The planting surrounds the path to the lowest level. Here you will find the pool with an inviting sunbathing area and spacious terrace. This level forms the center of the garden. The airy grasses are picked up again around the swimming pool and frame the pool with an elegant lightness .The flowing transition to the surroundings allows an unobstructed view of the lake.

The swimming pool by day & night

Wooden step plant

A set of wooden steps surrounds the entire garden. While landings on different levels lead to the various house entrances, the terrain around the steps was adapted to the design of the rest of the garden. Grasses and elegant hydrangeas support the gentle overall appearance. The wood used for the entire staircase as well as the sunbathing area and pool terrace lends the garden harmonious coziness and a maritime flair.

Light planting to break up the landscape

Other key data for garden design

Planting in the garden

Soft grasses and pretty hydrangeas around the swimming pool and along the wooden steps provide natural lightness and a smooth transition to the surroundings. Multi-stemmed and spiked yews stand rather rigidly in their surroundings. They thus provide a great contrast to the otherwise airy look of the grass planting.

Garden planting list

  • Hydrangea
  • Feather Bristle Grass
  • Yew
  • Chinese reed
  • Scented flower
  • Japanese snowball
  • and much more.

Garden planning

Execution images

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