A garden makeover with fountain and pergola

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This garden made it to the top 50 most beautiful gardens in the entire German-speaking world in 2019.

The garden before & after

Playful garden with generous lawn area

This spacious garden has been transformed from a rather bland outdoor space into a romantic living garden. The structuring in two levels elegantly separates the resulting seating area and provides a sense of security in the open air. The fountain gives the garden something lively and becomes the central point of attraction. The fountain is not only a visual highlight, but also an acoustic one. The gentle splashing gives the private garden additional naturalness and a lot of charm. Together with the wooden pergola at the back, these two elements give the garden oasis a romantic atmosphere. At the same time, the pergola, which from year to year becomes with climbing plants and thus forms a green roof, serves as a privacy screen from the neighboring house.

Since it was important to the builders to preserve the generosity and not to overload the garden too much, the large lawn was placed in the center. The design was structured around the lawn, creating a circular path. The open lawn has created wonderful views from the house to the squares. Woody plants were planted along the edge of the slope as a boundary and privacy screen. The new generous wooden terrace at the house received a loose rock pear, the counterpart to the one at the gravel place - a beautiful eye-catcher and shade giver at the same time.

Creation of the garden

Planting the garden around the fountain

From the house, the garden begins with a warm wooden deck. A gravel path encloses the garden and leads past varied plantings in a narrow planting strip: Various sun-loving foliage ornamental perennials mingle with white and purple irises. Silvery, green, narrow, and broad leaves harmonize side by side and provide playful contrasts. The back section of the path with the pergola forms a semi-shaded area. Over time, the wooden pergola will be overgrown by various climbing plants, forming a green roof for the hostas and hydrangeas growing underneath.

Garden planning

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