Recreation in harmony with nature: the chemical-free overflow pool

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Before the redesign, the great potential of this garden lay fallow. A lawn dominated the picture, bordered only by a hedge as a screen. At the request of the client, the garden was supplemented with a modern overflow pool. Due to the elegant overflow channel, the pool blends harmoniously into the garden and sets a bright accent. Sustainability and beauty are perfectly combined here.

The garden before & after

Natural elegance due to the overflow pool

The term overflow pools is derived from the overflow edge, which is lower than a conventional pool due to the special design. As a result, the water runs down the back edge of the pool, giving the impression of a frameless pool where the water surface and the ground seem to merge at the same level. This optical illusion gives the garden a very special charm.

The crystal clear water glows in the sunshine and invites you to splash around. The surrounding pool area consists of a wooden deck that contributes to a warm atmosphere. On hot summer days, the wood doesn't heat up too much, allowing even the family's kitten to take relaxing afternoon naps on it.

Harmonious interaction between nature and technology

The technology of the pool also has a lot to offer. The building owner deliberately decided against chemical water purification and relied on the Living Pool technology. This makes the cold water particularly gentle on the skin and eyes, so that one has the feeling of swimming in a mountain lake. The treatment method is not only environmentally friendly, but also sustainable. The entire technology is stylishly hidden under the wooden deck. 

In addition, the overflow pool has a counter-current system, which provides additional fun and sporting activity in your own pool. The strength of the system can be easily controlled via app. Thus, an individual workout can be completed in your own backyard.

The pool lounge as an oasis of relaxation

The inviting pool lounge invites you to spend leisurely hours, whether for an afternoon reading session or in the company of friends. The lounge is located under a slatted roof that opens and closes automatically. On particularly hot summer days it allows to create a pleasant shady place. Semi-open creates an interesting pattern on the floor. Here the family can sit back, enjoy the peace and admire the magical view over the pool.

A diverse selection of plants in the garden design

Before the redesign, the terrace was small and manageable. Now it has been enlarged and complemented by a suitable selection of plants. Special attention is paid to the existing cornus, whose white flowers will mark the transition to the bathing season in early summer. 

Part of the existing lawn was retained to give the outdoor living room a spacious feel and allow the eye to roam undisturbed. The planting around the overflow pool has been made more generous: A wide variety of flowers and two specimen trees provide a casual ambience and create more privacy. Sage blooms behind the lounge and adds a refreshing splash of color to the oasis of well-being.

Functionality and design are skillfully combined in this garden with overflow pool. The summer vacations can thus begin right on the doorstep. 

Creation of the garden

A lot of detailed work is required when building an overflow edge. Thanks to our team on site for the top work.

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