A living pool in the garden - A terraced house garden with plenty of privacy

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If you walk through the neighborhood, which is located on a small side street, the house seems rather inconspicuous. It is hard to guess what is being created in the garden. Despite the inhabited surroundings, this garden will be a bathing garden with privacy.

The garden already enjoys a natural privacy screen thanks to the existing planting. The family creates enormous added value with the naturally purified living pool. From the terrace in front of the house, a wide staircase leads down to the garden. The living pool is surrounded by natural stone slabs. Next to it is a lawn area, which still offers plenty of space to play.

The spacious area has been restructured using different materials. This creates a wonderful overall picture. The new division of the different areas makes the garden appear larger. The lounge is located directly by the pool for quiet moments by the water. The planting around the garden consists of grasses and flowering shrubs that bloom at different times. This creates a wonderful overall picture. In addition, existing trees cast a wonderful play of shadows on the garden.

The turf is currently being laid and the planting is being finalized.

Pictures during the garden renovation

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