Der C-Side Pool als Ergänzung im Garten: Kleine Veränderung mit grosser Wirkung

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Even small changes in the garden can create a completely new feeling. In this case, the client decided to integrate a C-side pool as an addition.

The garden during and after design

Changing the garden step by step

We were already out and about in this garden a few years ago. Back then, we added a small water feature to the side of the garden. Now the customer wanted a further embellishment in the form of a C-side pool.

A key requirement was to incorporate water in a different way. The advantage of the C-Side Pool lies in its compact size. The mini pool fits into even the smallest gardens and blends harmoniously into the surroundings.

The swimming pool in the garden

The swimming pool for the colder months

The C-side pool can be heated up to 40°C, making the spa experience possible even during the colder months. The client also decided to upgrade their mini pool with additional accessories. The pool has several massage jets, which were cleverly positioned.

LED lights also create a cozy ambience at night. Outside the C-side pool, there are also two garden lights with unique scroll patterns. They support the cozy atmosphere in the dark and let the soul come to rest.

Glittering elements under the summer sun

The C-Side pool was fitted with glass mosaic. It is one of the most durable surfaces in pool construction. A wide variety of designs can be selected.

The customer opted for the "Ebeno" mosaics. Depending on the viewing angle, the pool shines in different colors. Especially in combination with water and sun, fascinating reflections are created that further individualize your own bathing paradise.

You can also find a C-side pool like this in our show garden in Aathal.

A Mediterranean flair in the garden

The existing paving slabs in the garden were retained. Part of it was removed to make room for the pool. A wooden deck was built on two sides of the pool, which offers two advantages. The wood does not heat up as much in the summer sun as the slabs. In addition, the entire pool technology was cleverly concealed under the wooden deck. The choice of wood creates a smooth transition between the slabs and the deck, which also matches the existing dining table. The harmonious transition from the living room to the garden was achieved with the choice of materials.

Combining the existing with the new

This garden shows how even small changes can create a completely new ambience. The existing planting could be incorporated into the new design. The trees cast a wonderful shade, which provides protection from the sun on hot summer days. The planting also serves as a privacy screen, which is particularly important due to the new bathing facilities. Individual accents were also set in golden-brown planters. The Swiss Metallico p ots complement the light-colored materials around the pool and create a harmonious look with the building.

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Garden villa - Our show garden with an exposed C-side pool with Ebeno mosaic.

The garden during the transformation

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