Garden tip: Tips and tricks for winter pruning

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The cold season is a dormant period for many plants. Although plants should be cared for all year round, the period between November and February is ideal for winter pruning.

In this gardening tip, we reveal helpful tips for perfect winter pruning.

Why should plants be cut at this time?

Depending on the species, the green darlings can be cut throughout the year. During the cold winter months, they are in dormancy. In addition, the foliage is missing, which facilitates the necessary pruning measures. Especially for woody plants, fruit and ornamental trees, we recommend winter pruning. In this way, the plants will sprout again more vigorously.

The right tool and general tips

Well-maintained and particularly sharp pruning tools are essential for clean and flawless winter pruning. Pruning shears and folding saws for the thicker branches make the work easier and are easy on your own muscles. It is also advisable to wear protective gloves.

Although the name "winter pruning" already refers to the colder months, you should still pay attention to the outside temperature. At low temperatures, the wood splinters more easily and subsequently heals poorly. For this reason, it is not recommended to prune at temperatures below -6°C.

All shoots that are diseased, injured or rotten should be cut back to the healthy wood. This can be recognized by the greenish-white interior coloration. There is also no danger that the shoots will not grow back, because weak pruning leads to weak new shoots. The more vigorous the winter pruning, the more vigorous the following shoots will be.

Winter pruning of ornamental shrubs for the habitus

Pruning is necessary to maintain the habit, or growth habit, of ornamental shrubs. Pruning has two goals: It promotes growth and keeps individual shrubs that sprout too much in check.

Young ornamental trees are grown into an appropriate shape from the very beginning, in which they are regularly pruned. Annual winter pruning is necessary to maintain the shape and abundant flowering.

Winter pruning of fruit trees for fruiting

To maintain the balance between fruiting and shoot growth in fruit trees, we recommend annual winter pruning. This contributes to the fertility of the woody plants. Pruning before the spring awakening, in the months of February and March, is ideal.

Thinning out the tree crown also has advantages. The wood can dry better after rain, which prevents fungal infections. In addition, the increased incidence of light through the open crown enhances the color, taste and vitamin content of the fruit. 

The professionals for garden maintenance

For years we have been redesigning and beautifying gardens according to the wishes of our clientele. But after every design, regular maintenance is also required. Our maintenance team passionately takes care of the oases of well-being and provides the right winter pruning. Contact us now for your individual garden service. We look forward to getting to know you and your outdoor living space.

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