A biodesign pool for the optimal use of the entire garden area

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This garden is hardly recognizable. The formerly modest garden was transformed into a Mediterranean paradise. In this blog post we show you how the garden was created step by step and introduce you to the fascinating Biodesign pool.

Construction report of a garden with a new Swiss SPA pool by egli jona ag Construction report of a garden with a new Swiss SPA pool by egli jona ag

The garden transformation

In the original garden, there were two privacy walls in the middle of the garden, which made a lot of area unusable. The embankment was filled in and the new wall was placed at the edge of the property. Due to the freely designable shape of the Biodesign pool, the space could also be optimally used for a swimming area. The tall palm trees and Mediterranean planting break up the privacy screen, creating a private oasis.

The garden before the redesign:

The biodesign pool with sandy beach look

A real highlight of this project is the biodesign pool, which was harmoniously integrated into the garden. This swimming pool is characterized by its free form, which perfectly matches the Mediterranean style of the garden. The Biodesign pool offers not only refreshing moments, but also relaxation in your own garden. With its versatile functions and modern technology, it provides a unique wellness experience.

Mediterranean elements in the garden

The Mediterranean elements make this garden a unique project. The wall was equipped with warm natural stone slabs, which give the garden individual character. With this redesign we have not only enlarged the garden, but also created a place that brings a vacation atmosphere right to your doorstep.

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