Environmental design Ambassador House, Opfikon

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Ambassador House offers companies the opportunity to rent premises where the entire infrastructure is already in place. From a cafeteria to a co-working area to a daycare center: an innovative infrastructure in the center of Zurich. 

The surrounding design of the large office building in Opfikon is unique and captivates with the individual curved shapes around the building. Looking out of the building into the surrounding area, these unique shapes come into their own. This special design gives the project an incredible individuality. In the restaurant area, hedge shapes were formed that become greener over time. Thus, this area is not only a retreat with various niches, but also a visual highlight. The solitary trees contribute to the formation of space in the open air and give depth to the area. The curved shapes also continue along the side to the back of the area. At the end of the building one can find secluded places to work or relax.

Facts & Figures: Ambassador house

Execution: approx. 6 months
Completion: 2017
Team: 3-5 people


Yew | Ginkgo Tree | Ironwood Tree | Japanese Maple | Alpine Currant | Japanese & Wimper Sedge and many more.


Planters: All individual, powder coated

Pictures of the reconstruction: Ambassador House

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